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Northern Michigan
Mechanical Plumbing
Inspectors Association

Programs aimed at providing professionals with the
training and credentials they need.

We are group of Inspectors

Designed to enhance the knowledge of mechanical and plumbing trades.

Plumbing involves the installation of service piping systems for residential and commercial structures. This profession accounts for part of the largest and highest paid occupation in the construction industry.

After training and experience, most states require a plumber to become licensed. Job prospects for those entering the plumbing profession are expected to be in high demand due to increases in construction and building renovation. Plumbers often work for companies as an in-house plumber, contractors or, after some experience, can work independently.

Our Mission

Northern Michigan Mechanical Plumbing Inspectors Association's mission is to provide trade professionals with industry-leading training designed to help them continually improve their own knowledge and improve their professional standing. We strive to provide the best possible training experience by designing informative, interactive, and engaging live training taught by the best instructors in the industy.
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